The elements offered by us are intended for installation in belt conveyers working on the surface and for transport of winnings in underground mines in the temperate climate zone. Supplies to the other climate zones can be executed on the basis of an agreement with the manufacturer. Our products comply with the requirements of standards PN-90/M-46601 and PN-91/M-46606.

The SAG Company offers the following types of the ECO-rollers: smooth, supporting, garland, disc and directional with dimensions: external diameter from 55 to 159 mm; length to 2000 mm. These elements are provided with labyrinth type sealing: S type, N type (with a thrower), F type (lip) or seal rings – upon the customer demand.

All the rollers produced by SAG are intended at the same time for application in the potentially explosive atmosphere as they comply with the requirements of Directive 2014/34/UE.

We provide our rollers with the guarantee periods up to 3 years, which confirms the high quality of the bearings and other elements that influence durability and effective exploitation.