Repairs of control hydraulics and shaft attachments

Control hydraulics repairs

We perform repairs of:

  • single four-way distributors,
  • distributor blocks RB-2, RB-3, RB-4, RB-5,
  • valve blocks BZF-1, BZF-2, BZP-1, BZP-2 and similar,
  • complete remote controls, control elements types Tiefenbach, Dams, Hennlich and multihoses for remote controls.

Repairs of the control hydraulics are performed by highly qualified engineering-technical personnel.
High quality of the repairs is guaranteed by:

  • procedures accepted and implemented in the company,
  • technical equipment.

Shaft attachment overhauls

The SAG Sp. z o.o. Company produces pins of rope attachments of skips and pins as well as fish plates for balance and guide ropes.

We also perform repairs of one, two and four rope skip suspension attachments