Manual and robotized welding

The SAG Sp. z o.o. Company renders services on a robotized stand with use of the FANUC type robot.

The robotized welding stand at SAG provides the possibility of welding with the MIG, MAG and TIG methods. These processes are applied in the following branches: Automotive, steel furniture, steel constructions, interior design, manufacturing of stainless steel elements and many other.

Thanks to the robotized welding stand it is possible to weld with high precision, repeatability and visual clarity of the process.

This welding method is perfect for manufacturing in small series up to mass production.

Technical data: 

  • Robot FANUC ARCMate 120iC/10L
  • Single axis turnover fixture FANUC capacity 500 kg
  • Single axis turnover fixture FANUC capacity 1,500 kg
  • Welder Lincoln Power Wave S500
  • welding methods: CO2, MAG, MIG
  • assembly frames dimensions: 1000 x 2,500
  • movement range: 2,009 mm
  • repeatability: +- 0.08 mm


The robot working area is divided into two working zones, in which the single axis turnover fixtures are placed. One of the zones enables capacity of 500 kg when the other one of 1,500 kg, which allows for performance of welding of a large variety of elements.

MIG/MAG and submerged arc welding

Welding of steel constructions is performer using semiautomatic welders with welding current up to 500A. We employ the personnel for VT, MT and UT testing. Thanks to the implemented quality assurance systems PN EN ISO 3834-2, EN 1090 and PN-B 06200 we can render the top quality welding services.


Welding with the submerged arc is performer for closed profiles from steel channels from 100 to 300mm and length up to 12 meters. The welding is executed with max. current up to 1,000 A. The seam is made on one side with complete fusion with forming the root weld forming using a liquid cooled copper shim. We can weld construction steels.