We render services in machining using conventional and CNC controlled machines. We possess turning lathes, milling machines, boring machines, a CNC controlled milling – drilling machine, and grinders for shafts and planes. Thanks to continuous investing in the machinery park and highly skilled engineering-technical staff w provide rendering services preserving the top quality  standards. Used CNC machines assure quick and precise turning, milling and drilling of the machined items.

Conventional turning lathe

CNC controlled in 3 axes

CNC turning, max. diameter  300mm and length 1500mm

Conventional turning, max. diameter 400mm and length 3000mm.

Milling machine

Milling capacity:

  • oś X: 900mm
  • oś Y: 600mm
  • oś Z: 600mm
  • max. weight of machined item 500kg.

Boring-centering machine


Boring capacity:

  • length: 2000mm
  • width: 159mm

Boring machine UNION

  • table dimensions 1000mm x 1000mm turn 360°
  • travelling X-1600mm, Y-1250mm , Z-925mm

Drilling-milling machine CNC

Machining capacity:

  • width 500mm
  • length 4000mm
  • max. drilling diameter 50mm
  • possibility of milling and threading

Magnetic grinder

Machining capacity:

  • max. grinding diameter: 200mm
  • max grinding length: 200mm

Shaft grinder

  • max. length of ground planes: 500mm
  • max. width of ground planes: 200mm