Cutting and bending of steel sheets and profiles

We possess a modern machinery park allowing for rendering services in a wide range of cutting and bending steel sheets and profiles meeting the top quality standards.

We use acetylene-oxygen and plasma cutters for cutting steel sheets.

Acetylene-oxygen cutter

  • two acetylene-oxygen torches – thermal cutting capacity 150mm
  • one plasma cutter – thermal cutting capacity up to thickness 25mm
  • cutting table dimensions 3000 x 9000

Plasma cutter

  • table dimensions 1500 x 3000
  • one plasma cutter – thermal cutting capacity up to thickness 35mm

Bending press VIMERCATI

We have a CNC controlled in 5 axes bending press with the pressing force of 150 ton and tool length 3000 mm. In connection with the set of tools and dies in our possession we offer a wide range of bending at different angles and radii.

Bending capacity range:

  • steel plate thickness to 6mm – 3000mm
  • steel plate thickness to 10mm – 2500mm
  • steel plate thickness to 12mm – 1500mm
  • steel plate thickness to 15mm – 840mm

Horizontal press EUROMAC

We possess a horizontal press EUROMAC with tooling enabling bending of tubes and profiles with different radii. The pressing force of 40 ton, the piston pitch of 700mm.

Tube, profile and shape cutting

In our machinery park we have 4 semi-automatic and automatic band saws, provided with driven roller conveyers.


  • cutting diameter and width to 600 mm at straight cutting
  • cutting diameter and width to 400 mm at angle cutting

We also possess a hydraulic guillotine shears with a hole cutting function