Quality and occupational safety and health policy

The Policy of Quality and Occupational Safety and Health of SAG Sp. z o.o. depends on supplying products and rendering services in the way that provides satisfaction to our customers and safe working conditions.

The Quality and Occupational Safety and Health Policy is executed by:

  • delivery of guaranteed products and services of high quality, compliant with the determined requirements and expectation of the Customer,
  • meeting the execution dates, fulfilling the legal regulations requirements and other requirements concerning SAG Sp. z o.o.,
  • maintaining and improvement of the processes taking place at SAG Sp. z o.o., with consideration of production requirements, process development and standards requirements,
  • determining of responsibilities and permits of the personnel taking part in production and rendering services.
  • systematic increasing of qualifications with the consideration of the role of the employees and their involvement and motivation to activities promoting occupational safety and health,
  • creation of culture of safety and the atmosphere of mutual trust and respect,
  • maintaining and perfecting of the efficiency of the documented Quality Assurance System in compliance with the requirements of standard EN ISO 9001:2008, and the System of Occupational Safety and Health Management in compliance with standard PN – N – 18001:2004 as well as their periodical auditing by the management.

The Management of SAG Sp. z o.o. obliges to:

  • pursue the continuous perfecting of the occupational safety and health and continuous improvement of acting in the field of the occupational safety and health,
  • prevent occurrence of accidents at work, occupational diseases and potentially hazardous events,
  • provide necessary resources and means to carry on and realize the assumptions of the Quality Policy and Occupational Safety and Health.

The Policy of Quality and Occupational Safety and Health is known and advised to all the employees and its principles are implemented in functioning of every work station.

Company President

Katowice, 29.03.2013.