Charitable activities

For a few years the SAG Sp. z o.o. has supported financially public benefit organizations, i.a. the Cordis Social Society Hospice, Upper Silesian Children’s Health Center, “Donate Your Heart” Foundation, Rehabilitative-Educational-Pedagogical Center in Katowice.

Szlachetna Paczka (the Noble Box project)

For many years the SAG Company has been taking part actively in the Polish nationwide Noble Box project. We support families in difficult life and economy situation, in which they got into by a random event. Mutual forming of parcels with gifts and later packing them has been an important event for us, that is why we try to encourage you to help other people. We hope that this initiative undertaken by SAG will help to develop this noble idea in Katowice, Silesia and in the whole country.

The Christmas Eve dinner for the poor and homeless inhabitants of Katowice

For many years the SAG Company has been one of the founders of the Christmas Eve dinner for the poor and homeless organized by the St. Ann Parish in Katowice – Nikiszowiec.


The Cordis Hospice

Being deeply touched with all the effort put into construction of a new hospice house located in the neighborhood of our company and first of all due to the professional care for the sick and their families we have tried to support activities of the Civic Cordis Hospice Society.

Santa Claus at the children’s home in Mysłowice

With great joy we supported financially the Santa Claus action of the bikers from Mysłowice who put up Santa’s outfits and went to the children’s home at ul. Żeromskiego in Mysłowice with collected and purchased gifts to make the pupils of this institution happy.

We supported the activities of the Foundation promoting the tradition and musical culture in the KHW (Katowice Coal Holding) society, inhabitants of the Silesian agglomeration and among other entities that belong to the miner society. Thanks to these activities the ventures in the field of music and arts are supported such as concerts, recordings and music publishing materials.

For many years we have supported the Foundation Nauka i Tradycje Górnicze (Science and Mining Traditions) at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow in its activities that are aimed to promote and support accomplishments of mining sciences in Poland and abroad and also to publicize the knowledge of  the history of mining as well as to preserve the mining traditions.