We manufacture i.a. SAG type rubber and steel balance ropes, ECO-rollers: smooth, garland, supporting and directional, belt conveyer constructions, shaft constructions and in addition we trade in coal.

We also have a repair department, which specializes in repairs of control hydraulics and attachments.

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  • The history of rubber and steel ropes

    In 1975 tests were started of a new construction of SAG flat rubber and steel balance ropes in order to solve a number of problems related to the vertical transport system. It concerned especially the following:

    • providing the balance rope the resistance to the impact of corrosion maintaining at the same time the required safety factor,
    • elimination of frequent, difficult and costly replacements of traditional balance ropes,
    • cost reduction by extending the balance rope period of exploitation, increasing of operation safety,
    • improvement of servicing,
    • checking of condition of flat rubber and steel ropes in a mine shaft using a magnetic head.

    Rubber and steel ropes

  • Rollers

    The rollers that support the conveyer belt are the most numerous group of the elements and i.a.: correct belt movement and its durability as well as the total resistance of the conveyer belt operation depend on their efficient functioning. For this reason the quality of manufacturing and durability of the rollers become very important during their exploitation.



  • Steel constructions

    The SAG Company is a manufacturer of a wide variety of steel constructions intended for industrial constructing, metallurgy, power industry, transport, cement industry and mining. We produce all kinds of steel constructions with the unit weight up to 12.5 t. We employ professional welding supervising personnel and skilled welders holding high level welding licenses. Production of the constructions is executed in compliance with standards EN 1090, PN EN ISO 3834-2, EN 15085.


    Steel constructions

  • Services

    Using its machinery the SAG Company renders services in the scope of: cutting and bending of steel plates and profiles, machining, manual and robotized welding, repairs of control hydraulics and shaft attachments as well as non-destructive testing NDT.



  • Trade

    Apart from production the SAG Company runs activities in respect of trading in coal, steel ropes and steel materials.






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